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 Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server



Entrust Entelligence™ Messaging Server - Communicate More Securely with Customers and Partners - Entrust solutions are designed to help secure digital identities and information — of which e-mail is a huge component. As part of a strong, layered security strategy, Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server can streamline and simplify the methods to secure e-mail communications. Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server transparently manages security functions and helps enforce corporate e-mail policies automatically to make it easier for users to communicate securely with people outside the organization, regardless of the particular e-mail application they may be using. The product works with popular e-mail clients such as Microsoft® Outlook® and Lotus Notes®, as well as any S/MIME-compatible e-mail client and even Yahoo and Hotmail Web-based e-mail services.

The Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server is an appliance-based gateway that delivers standards-based e-mail encryption capabilities. This comprehensive e-mail security solution includes hardware, operating system, supporting applications and ongoing online updates. To suit the encryption requirements and preferences of an organization, Messaging Server can be deployed standalone or with a variety of complementary solutions such as desktop encryption, content monitoring, versatile authentication, e-mail archiving, storage area networks and off-board public key infrastructure (PKI) integration with Microsoft Certification Authority or Entrust Authority.

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  • Embedded standards-based certification authority (CA) — transparently manages harvesting of existing S/MIME and OpenPGP external user certificates; generates new S/MIME proxy certificates for both internal and external users; integrates with existing Microsoft and Entrust PKIs as required
  • Flexible encryption options including automatic encryption based on message header or message content, as well as user-initiated boundary or end-to-end encryption
  • Flexible delivery — allows external recipients to communicate securely using the encryption standard of their choice, including S/MIME, Open PGP, WebMail Pull and WebMail Push
  • Highly customizable deployment through integration with optional solution components such as portal authentication systems, content control, e-mail archiving, storage area networks, antispam/antivirus, SNMP monitoring and versatile authentication
  • Support for mobile e-mail clients such as BlackBerry and browser-enabled cell phones
  • Simple-to-deploy, appliance-based form factor that can be deployed as a single appliance or in a cluster of appliances for scalability, fault tolerance and disaster recovery requirements
  • Comprehensive system management, administration, reporting and auditing to meet the most stringent IT requirements.


Email Security That Works For Business Partners and Customers
The Messaging Server makes it possible to secure email messages with diverse users outside your own messaging environment. It employs a variety of email encryption standards including OpenPGP, S/MIME and SSL for web-based email security. Features include the following:

  • the email security system automatically collects and centrally stores external users' digital identities (IDs) to enable email security that is transparent to users
  • senders need only know the email address of an intended recipient
  • email messages are secured in accordance with OpenPGP and S/MIME standards to provide interoperability with external users
  • Alternative Web-based email security: organizations whose external correspondents may not have digital certificates, OpenPGP or S/MIME capabilities can securely reach recipients using a Web browser and common Web-based email services

Boundary-based Email Security
Many organizations are concerned with the security of email messages leaving their internal boundary destined for external recipients. The Messaging Server makes it possible to automatically encrypt email before it is delivered to external recipients without requiring any additional desktop software or end-user action. Whether or not an outbound email is encrypted is determined by an encryption policy either on the Messaging Server itself, or on a separate content scanner such as Vericept Protect. For example, you can set up a policy that causes the Messaging Server to encrypt emails containing certain keywords, addressed to specific domains, contain privacy-protected information, or that have attachments containing corporate intellectual property.

  • supports most email environments, including Lotus Domino® and Microsoft Exchange®
  • works with leading content scanning products including Vericept Protect
  • does not require the deployment of additional desktop software
  • provides email security without requiring end-user action

Simplified User Experience
Email security works best if it requires little to no action on the part of the user. Using the Messaging Server, senders only need to know the email address of the recipient. They do not need to know what encryption method the email recipient prefers, or need to have the recipient's email security credentials (digital certificates or OpenPGP keys) before sending an encrypted email message.

  • senders need only know the email address of intended recipients
  • where appropriate, external users' digital identities (IDs) are automatically collected and centrally stored by the Messaging Server to enable email security that is transparent to end users
  • works with the Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry™ platform to extend the ability to encrypt messages to BlackBerry deployments
  • supports delivery of secure webmail to any browser-enabled cell phone

Email Security Integrated With Content Control
Messaging Server can integrate with content monitoring and control technology to provide encryption of content that is identified as sensitive by the content control software. Messaging Server enables encryption to be applied to sensitive messages both in transit through email communications and while at rest in users' inboxes or on mail servers. The combination of Messaging Server and Vericept Protect enables organizations to:

  • enforce email security policies through automatic detection and encryption of sensitive information
  • protect sensitive email while in transit and while stored in inboxes and on mail servers
  • perform content monitoring and remediation on both inbound and outbound email messages

Regulatory Compliance Through Encryption
The Messaging Server helps to comply with the increasing number of industry, state and federal regulations around the protection (through encryption) of sensitive data such as the personal identifiable information (PII) of customers, patients, partners and citizens.

  • Avoid regulatory penalties and benefit from encryption safe harbors when communicating sensitive or regulated information over email.
  • Automatically detect and encrypt sensitive or regulated information when using the Messaging Server in conjunction with existing content monitoring products or Vericept Protect.

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