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Code Green Networks Content Inspection Appliance



The Code Green CI-1500 content inspection appliance brings enterprise-class data loss prevention to medium-sized organizations.  The CI-1500 is scaled specifically to meet the challenges of protecting confidential customer information and safeguarding intellectual property for organizations with up to 5,000 networks users.

The CI-1500 is a complete, easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage appliance that enables medium-sized organizations to effectively monitor, enforce and audit the loss of customer data and intellectual property across all popular Internet communications channels – including email (SMTP), Web (HTTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Instant Messaging (IM), and online tools such as WebMail, blogs and wikis.

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The company’s products have unique and compelling features that help to differentiate its offerings from those of other vendors in the DLP market.  Some of these features include proprietary and patent-pending content registration techniques, consumer WebMail filtering and fully integrated email encryption. 

  • Code Green Networks has developed a proprietary and patent-pending process for handling registration and fingerprinting of both structured and unstructured content.  These two techniques – Deep Content Fingerprinting and Data Element Fingerprinting – allow organizations to register vast amounts of data contained in databases and structured files or across network files shares in more than 400 document types and all languages.  Once the data is registered, it is fingerprinted, thereby converting the original content into a series of mathematical hashes that are a fraction of the original size of the document and allow for real-time detection across all Internet communications in either their original form or any derivative works.
  • For WebMail filtering, Code Green Networks parses, inspects and applies policy to messages sent via consumer WebMail services such as Google Gmail, MSN Hotmail, AOL Mail, Windows Live Mail and Yahoo! Mail, allowing organizations to not only set and enforce policies, but also retain copies of consumer WebMail messages for future electronic discovery and auditing purposes. 
  • For email encryption, Code Green Networks provides an integrated, single-vendor approach to content monitoring and email encryption to automate compliance by automatically encrypting email messages that contain personal or confidential information.

Conclusion: Code Green Networks offers affordable, market-leading data loss prevention solutions that help organizations protect customer information and safeguard intellectual property, thereby mitigating the risk of unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information.

Code Green Networks
3975 Freedom Circle, Suite 900
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Tel: +1 (408) 213-2300