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While lifestyle accessories such as iPods and PDAs may appear totally innocent, the fact is that in the wrong hands these removable media devices can present a serious endpoint security risk to any organization. With the average financial impact of each security breach now exceeding $200,000 (USD), the cost of doing nothing has never been higher.

Centennial DeviceWall mitigates the endpoint security risks of data theft, unauthorized data transfer and the introduction of malicious content by actively managing devices such as iPods and media players, USB sticks and memory cards, PDAs and mobile phones, and more.

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Centennial DeviceWall is the only endpoint security solution that protects data both on and off the network by preventing the transfer of files to or from unauthorized portable devices, automatically encrypting data copied to approved devices, providing complete visibility of device and file accesses, and much more. DeviceWall is the only tool that enables organizations to quickly define who in the organization should be able to use what devices and automatically allows or blocks connections depending on the user’s privileges. It can also audit all device connections; secure data copied legitimately to USB sticks, and react flexibly to one-time usage needs.
DeviceWall from Centennial Software effectively addresses the need to manage portable devices and data in an intuitive and comprehensive fashion, incorporating the following functions: 

  • DeviceWall maintains the integrity of the network - Whether it’s an opportunist taking documents to a computer or a well-meaning employee copying an infected file to the network, leaving portable device use unchecked is an invitation to disaster. DeviceWall prevents the unwanted transfer of data to or from portable devices by automatically enforcing security policies based on a user’s legitimate need to access specific device types. Only with DeviceWall can user access be blocked, limited to read-only or left unrestricted according to the individual’s security privileges and device type in use. 
  • DeviceWall secures data in transit - Nearly two-thirds of all USB drives are lost by their owners. Without the right protection, there is nothing to stop that data from ending up in the wrong hands. Only DeviceWall can automatically encrypt all data copied to authorized storage devices such as USB flash sticks. Using the latest Blowfish and AES 256-bit ciphers, DeviceWall ensures that even if data is lost in transit, it won’t create a costly and embarrassing security breach,
  • DeviceWall allows total visibility - You cannot manage security if you cannot see what is being connected to the network, what files are accessed and how the security policy is being applied. Only DeviceWall provides complete visibility of all user and administrator actions, recording everything from individual device connections to the most popular files read from or copied to portable devices. A full audit trail of administrator actions completes the range of forensics available. Regardless of whether the device is connected locally or wirelessly, if the PC is on the corporate network or offline, DeviceWall constantly manages device connections to ensure the integrity of your network is not compromised.

According to a February 2008 SC Magazine group test, “DeviceWall from Centennial Software includes both the ability to stop transfer of data based on security policy and also to encrypt data that needs to be transmitted. For its strong feature set, ease of use and good value, we rate DeviceWall our Best Buy.”

The following features make DeviceWall the most advantageous, and industry-leading endpoint security solution on the market.

  • One-click deployment - Client agents can be deployed and updated across Active Directory and NT domains from within the DeviceWall Control Center, without third-party software distribution tools.
  • Single-screen administration - All administration, including creating, modifying and deploying either corporate-wide or personal security policies can be done in DeviceWall’s single-screen Policy Control Center. There is no need to repeatedly switch back and forth between multiple windows.
  • Advanced device granularity - DeviceWall can manage both entire device ‘classes’ as well as specific devices. Using the Policy Customizer, it is easy to create white lists of corporate-approved devices.
  • Total visibility - DeviceWall automatically records device connections, file accesses and policy changes. These forensics can be viewed directly from the main Control Center in tabular or graphical form, or can be exported into CSV format.
  • Intuitive processes and wizards - Designed to work the way you want to, DeviceWall features wizards that will help you create and deploy security policies faster than ever. Intuitive processes make changing permissions or updating policies an easy task for any authorized user without the need for specialist training.
  • Super strength encryption - 256-bit AES and Blowfish ciphers are the strongest tools available; ensuring that any data carried offsite is protected against misuse by unauthorized third parties. The choice of global or personal keys gives maximum flexibility for security management.
  • User notifications - DeviceWall’s user dialogs help organization ensure that employees are informed about security policies, reducing help desk calls and improving user acceptance.

The founding principal behind DeviceWall is that is should support the way the management team wants the business to operate, ensuring that security becomes a commerce enabler, not a productivity inhibitor.

Conclusion: DeviceWall allows organizations to monitor and manage the use of all types of portable devices and wireless connections – allowing authorized staff uninterrupted access, while automatically blocking any unwanted connection attempts. DeviceWall stops opportunists and criminals from copying information to or from the network – significantly reducing data loss.

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