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Network Security Equipment: The Ever Changing Curveball



The prevalence of network security equipment in enterprise networks has reached an all-time high. Businesses rely on network security equipment to protect their network infrastructures from today’s hostile network environment. Unfortunately, there are few enterprises that properly test their network security equipment. When it comes to selecting network security devices, in the past, enterprise networks had to choose either a performance-first or security-first posture. BreakingPoint Systems has the solution, the BPS-1000 and BPS-10K, comprehensive test solutions that meet the testing demands of enterprise networks. Today, the BPS-1000 and BPS-10K make it possible to do both performance and security testing.

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The Problem

When forced to choose between a performance-first or a security-first posture, most enterprise networks will choose the performance-first posture, testing for any negative performance effects on their network. Usually, they will test a security device by trialing the box in their networks for a few weeks. During this time, they are monitoring for any adverse effects to their network. However, when it comes to network security equipment, trialing the box is not enough. The trial results do not account for the future growth or changing dynamics of the network, or the dynamics of the network security equipment itself.

Network security devices are regularly updated with new security packs, which provide them with the ability to detect and act upon the latest threats. Without properly testing these devices, enterprises cannot determine how these updates will affect their network or the device. This is the unforeseen challenge faced by today’s enterprises: they lack test equipment that can provide an accurate representation of their network’s performance and security coverage. With this challenge in mind, BreakingPoint Systems has created the BPS-1000 and BPS-10K.

The BPS-1000 and BPS-10K Test Solution

At BreakingPoint Systems, we know that to effectively test network security equipment, you need to concurrently send live attacks while running high-speed application traffic through the device. We believe that this is the only methodology that will provide an accurate summarization of a device’s effectiveness.

Based on this knowledge and belief, we have created the BPS-1000 and BPS-10K. Today, this is the only test equipment that effectively tests security coverage and performance by interleaving the three baselines of security testing: TCP sessions, application traffic, and live security attacks. It is the BPS devices’ ability to fully integrate these performance and security aspects of testing that will prepare network enterprises for every security curveball that comes their way.

See attached white paper entitled, “Network Security Equipment: The Ever Changing Curveball.”

About the BPS-10K

BreakingPoint Systems has developed the most powerful network test system on the planet: the BPS-10K. The BPS-10K, an enhanced version of the BPS-1000, offers the extreme in network test solutions, with the ability to generate 40 Gigabit of stateless traffic and 10 Gigabit of application traffic. The new BPS-10K provides complete network test capabilities for layers 2-7 and includes a security test suite and a service that provides timely updates on the latest threats, exploits and evasion techniques. With over 20 application protocols and over 3,400+ security Strikes included, the BPS-10K is truly a world apart from the competition. To keep our customers’ systems up-to-date, our StrikePack™ service provides the latest application protocols and security attacks.

The BPS-10K is the only solution built for high-level performance testing required by enterprises today. You can create test scenarios with a single BPS-10K device, which would normally require racks of our competitors’ equipment. The easiest thing to do with our product is currently the hardest with any other product. The BPS-10K seamlessly connects into a network, records its traffic, and recreates the environment in the lab in a matter of minutes. Users also have the capability, through the simple, elegant Graphical User Interface, to customize the environment, testing various scenarios that could potentially affect the network.

Technical Specs

Capable of running multi-Gigabit packet generation and analysis, the BPS-10K supports transmissions and verification of up to 30 million packets per second at 64 byte packets. The BPS-10K is also equipped to deliver 7,500,000 simultaneous TCP sessions at 750,000 TCP requests per second, and it has the ability to produce application traffic leveraging numerous protocols such as HTTP, FTP, DNS, SMTP, SMB, IMAP, POP3, RTSP, NFS, SIP, Telnet, and more. 

As mentioned above, the BPS-10K device comes with over 3,400 security Strikes and dozens of evasion techniques, in addition to support for contemporary exploits, including critical vulnerabilities released by Microsoft. Automation is made easy with built-in serial and Ethernet ports for controlling the device during testing, as well as point-and-click automation via Telnet, SSH and Serial for devices under test.  With the BPS-10K, users can faithfully capture, recreate and amplify their network traffic, and once network traffic is captured, users have the ability to inject attacks into the traffic replay.

Imagine: A single product that is capable of concurrently running network traffic, millions of TCP sessions, and the latest security threats – all for one price.

Conclusion: Today, the BPS-1000 and BPS-10K make it possible to choose both performance and security. The BPS-1000 and BPS-10K devices are the only test equipment that truly supports concurrent performance and security testing. Now, enterprises can actually determine how security equipment affects their networks today and their networks in the future.

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