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Application Whitelisting – The New “Antivirus”



Behavioral patterns and malware signatures address only known malicious files and can be described as reactionary at best. A powerful solution that allows network administrators to keep their infrastructures devoid of applications that decrease productivity and system performance is absent from the market. Until now.

Bit9 Parity™ is an endpoint security software solution that detects and stops spyware, malware, and other non-business applications and peripheral devices (like unauthorized USB thumb-drives) on desktops, laptops, and servers. It is a simple yet effective solution that allows companies to comprehensively monitor new unknown software across their infrastructure.

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Employees often consider corporate desktops to be their own personal computers, and often treat them as such by downloading all kinds of software. In the past, this was largely regarded as an unpleasant fact of IT life. However, users today are downloading and installing more and more viruses, spyware, worms and non-business applications creating incompatibilities, security concerns and regulatory compliance issues. 

The typical response to controlling software is to either remove users’ administrative rights or install conventional AV/AS solutions. Unfortunately, these options both have fundamental flaws: removing administrative rights creates a backlog of mundane tasks for support staff while conventional technologies for preventing unauthorized or insecure software only address known software. 

Using Parity to control what software users can and cannot run on their PCs to help identify and ban malicious files that would otherwise go undetected. In the event of a zero-day attack, Parity's emergency lockdown feature prevents malicious software from propagating.

The solution's simple policies let you ban software on a group-by-group basis and control if users can run unknown software. Separate policies can also be defined for when PCs disconnect from the corporate network.

Bit9 Parity is the only endpoint security software solution to detect and stop spyware, malware, and other non-business applications on desktops, laptops, and servers. Unlike other approaches, such as traditional antivirus programs, that rely on malware signatures and behavioral patterns, Bit9’s innovative approach detects and stops the execution and installation of any unapproved application. Through its proprietary technology, Bit9 Parity is able to prevent the execution and installation of any unapproved application that appears on an enterprise’s infrastructure.

The result is real-time, network-wide visibility and control, giving enterprise network administrators the earliest and best possible protection from intrusions, including zero-day attacks. Bit9 Parity has enabled enterprises to toss aside their dependence on slow-moving corporations to issue patches for the latest vulnerable application or signatures for the newest threat; instead, enterprises can be self-reliant and regain control over their infrastructure with real-time visibility and total control over their desktop environment.

Bit9’s award-winning whitelisting technology delivers the easiest and most effective way to achieve desktop lockdown and application control, providing the following benefits:

  • Compliance: You cannot ensure that customer data is protected if a keystroke logger or some other unauthorized software program is running on your desktops without your knowledge.
  • Security: Malicious software is constantly sneaking onto PCs by disguising itself in a variety of ways, effectively hide in plain sight.
  • Reliability: Unnecessary software can degrade PC performance, but IT will rarely remove it because they don’t know what else may be affected.
  • Fewer Support Calls: Reduce the number of desktop intrusions and non-business applications, desktop performance increases, resulting in fewer calls to the help desk.

Conclusion: Antivirus is a whack-a-mole approach, chasing malware that’s already on your desktops, which is costly and inefficient.  Whitelisting using Bit9 Parity prevents malware from infiltrating in the first place.  If the application isn’t on your network’s whitelist, it won’t run on your desktop…period.

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