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Enterprise Risk and Compliance Solutions for Successful IT Governance



Organizations in highly regulated industries are continually faced with a unique set of business challenges, as the combination of changing regulatory requirements and unforgiving onslaughts of data breaches create a formidable two-headed-monster that even the most savvy IT staff have a hard time taming.

Organizations have historically employed several different solutions, each managing single aspects of a program, only to produce a disjointed, unmanageable risk and compliance management strategy.  

Archer Technologies developed the SmartSuite Framework with these issues in mind, enabling customers to quickly and easily build and deploy customized applications tailored to their unique and changing business needs. 

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Archer Technologies delivers an automated, integrated and fully configurable solution set that allows organizations to build a best-in-class enterprise risk and compliance management program. Archer’s solutions empower customers to consolidate business intelligence across divisions and provide management with global visibility into their risk and compliance initiatives, enabling governance within the organization.

By partnering closely with our Fortune 1000 clients, listening to their challenges and delivering on their needs, Archer has developed a solution set that facilitates the seven core processes surrounding enterprise risk and compliance initiatives for any organization. Through Archer, your governance board and executive team gain a current, holistic view of the organization’s risk and compliance landscape, and can make informed decisions to ensure that your business stays within the boundaries of the corporate policies and authoritative sources that govern you.

To build a successful enterprise risk and compliance management program, your organization needs the ability to automate, manage, measure and report on your core risk and compliance processes. Archer provides these capabilities with the following award winning solutions:

Policy Management - Create policies, distribute them online, educate and train employees and report compliance.

Threat Management -
Track threats through a customizable early warning system to help prevent attacks before they affect your enterprise.

Asset Management - Manage enterprise assets and their relationships to support risk and compliance initiatives across your business.

Risk Management - Create and deliver online risk assessment campaigns to identify risks and track their mitigation and resolution.

Incident Management - Report incidents, manage their escalation, track investigations and analyze resolutions.

Vendor Management - Centralize vendor data, manage relationships, assess vendor risk, and
ensure compliance with your policies and controls.

SOX Management - Automate and manage Sarbanes-Oxley governance initiatives, assess
compliance deficiencies and track remediation processes.  IT Governance

Archer SmartSuite Framework
Archer recognizes that no two businesses are alike. Every organization has unique processes for risk and
compliance management, and retrofitting those processes to a rigid solution structure is not a viable option. To address your needs for point-and-click customization, Archer delivers seven core solutions built on the Archer SmartSuite Framework. This Framework provides a rich feature set for configuring Archer’s solutions according to your established processes and naming conventions, allowing you to tailor the solutions to your specific standards and requirements.

The Archer SmartSuite Framework is the core of Archer’s market-leading solutions, including Policy, Threat, Asset, Risk, Incident, Vendor and Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Management. The flexibility of Archer’s solutions allows you to implement your risk and compliance program on your terms, centralizing information and managing processes that are critical to the way you do business. Through the user-friendly web interface of the Archer SmartSuite Framework, you can easily modify the structure and content of a solution, control information access, brand the user interface, streamline workflow processes, create powerful dashboards and more.

The Archer SmartSuite Framework provides a flexible platform for building and tailoring database-intensive solutions. Users with no prior knowledge of database systems or programming languages are able to simply point and click to build highly scalable, secure solutions that can be deployed globally. In addition, you can integrate existing tools and point solutions to unify information silos and more effectively manage cross-departmental information. These capabilities allow organizations to continuously improve risk and compliance programs, increasing efficiencies and maximizing value.

The Archer Community
Through the Archer Community, an online social network for Archer’s base of passionate users to interact, support each other and share ideas, Archer can communicate on a daily basis with clients, employees and partners to broadcast updates, solicit regular feedback, and facilitate the sharing of best practices for solving business problems through the Archer SmartSuite Framework.

The cornerstone of the Archer Community is the Idea Exchange, a primary means by which clients can submit enhancement requests to Archer. Community members can post ideas, view ideas from other clients and vote on enhancement requests that would benefit their organizations. They can also track the implementation of their ideas to validate Archer’s responsiveness to their needs.  

The Archer Exchange
The Archer Exchange is an online marketplace of on-demand applications, expert services, application content and integration with third-party software and data feeds that support the management of business processes through the Archer SmartSuite Framework. The Exchange puts you in contact with fellow clients, Archer product experts and top-tier service and product providers who have the industry knowledge, professional experience and technical skills to deliver best-of-breed solutions to your business problems.

The Archer Exchange is truly unique in the software industry, offering a breadth of products and services and a depth of provider expertise unmatched by other Exchange-type offerings.

Conclusion: Archer Technologies enables organizations and government agencies to collaborate and establish industry best practices, rapidly automate business processes, reduce enterprise risks, manage and demonstrate compliance, and gain greater visibility into corporate risk and security controls.

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