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AirMagnet Enterprise – Eliminating Rogue Devices



The steady growth of Wi-Fi in the enterprise demands that corporate IT teams learn and adopt new security methodologies tailored to the unique requirements and weaknesses of wireless networks. AirMagnet Enterprise provides a simple, scalable solution that enables any enterprise to ensure the security, performance and compliance of their wireless LANs matches their wired networks. The solution provides continuous and stateful analysis of all wireless channels, devices, traffic and the RF spectrum to proactively identify all possible wireless threats, including hundreds that would be missed by the part-time security found in access points.

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AirMagnet Enterprise provides a simple, scalable WLAN monitoring solution that enables any organization to proactively mitigate all types of wireless threats, enforce enterprise policies, prevent performance problems and audit the regulatory compliance of all their Wi-Fi assets and users worldwide. The product offers complete visibility and control over the wireless airspace, enabling any enterprise to reliably deliver the same standards of security performance and compliance for their wireless networks as they expect from their wired networks.

The following features have positioned AirMagnet as the leader in WLAN security and management, and resulted in the company having more than 7,500 customer worldwide:

  • The only WIDS/WIPS product designed specifically for the enterprise – AirMagnet Enterprise provides the only wireless intrusion detection system (WIDS) architecture to align with established industry best practices for network security and IDS. Unlike other solutions, Enterprise performs intrusion detection in real-time, at the traffic source, by building a full wireless analysis engine into every sensor. This approach, while unique in wireless security, is precisely the model used in wired network security where IDS is always performed as close to the ingress/aggress points as possible, and always on-site. This guarantees that AirMagnet always retains reliable, direct access to all wireless traffic without dependency on remote systems or public networks. Other key benefits of the AirMagnet architecture include massive scalability, minimal network impact and continuous correlation across the entire enterprise.
  • The only product to offer complete WLAN security –  AirMagnet Enterprise protects against every wireless threat by combining the industry’s most thorough wireless monitoring with the deepest analysis and threat response available. As the only dedicated WIDS solution to scan all 802.11 cannels, AirMagnet ensures that there are no blind spots where rogue devices can hide. The product automatically analyzes all wireless devices and traffic using multiple methods to detect all types of threats. All traffic undergoes a combination of frame inspection, stateful pattern analysis, statistical modeling, RF analysis, policy analysis and anomaly detection, enabling AirMagnet to detect all types of threats. The solution automatically identifies hundreds of specific threats, attacks and devices such as rogue devices, spoofed devices, DoS attacks, fragmentation attacks, reconnaissance, cracking tools and much more.
  • The industry’s leading automated threat response – Detecting a threat is only the first step in protecting wireless networks and AirMagnet provides a full arsenal of responses that can be tied to and triggered by enterprise policies. All threats and devices are automatically traced using both wired and wireless methods to accurately determine if a threat is connected to the wired network. This helps to quickly prioritize and differentiate threatening devices. Enterprise is the only solution allowing threats to be manually or automatically remediated with a combination of both wired and wireless treat suppression, keeping all threats fully quarantined without impacting normal work operations. Enterprise is also the only tool that can capture a complete forensic record for any network or spectrum event, allowing staff to retain hard evidence or save data for detailed post-mortem analysis. Staff can easily view all devices an attacker has connected to over time and even see how much data was passed. AirMagnet’s new patent-pending WEP Shield feature also includes the option to deploy countermeasures to protect WLANs from “WEP cracking” tools designed to recover encryption keys.
  • The best performance analysis and troubleshooting WLAN solution – How effectively an enterprise can manage the reliability and performance of the network will have a strong impact on the enterprise’s overall return on the investment in wireless. This is why AirMagnet Enterprise provides the same level of insight and analysis for performance issues as it does on security issues. AirMagnet tracks all devices, traffic and RF information to proactively identify evolving performance. This includes identifying the causes of traffic congestion, overloaded devices and channels. AirMagnet also performs complete interference analysis that correlates the three unique sources of interference (from WiFi devices, from hidden nodes and from physical environmental noise). Enterprise provides network managers with the industry’s most robust suite of tools to troubleshoot wireless problems remotely, vastly reducing the time to fix and preventing inefficient “truck rolls.” Every sensor contains AirMagnet’s renowned analyzer capabilities, which staff can use to remotely inspect the live behavior of any wireless device or channel.
  • Simple policy-driven management – As with any enterprise-class management system, it is critical for staff to be able to cut through raw data to quickly see the most important devices and events. To this end, Enterprise offers a powerful yet remarkably simple interface to prioritize events based on policy and the overall impact to the network. This enables staff to immediately triage wireless problems and get the information they need to their job, quickly and efficiently.
  • Custom reporting and compliance – AirMagnet’s integrated reporting engine makes it easy to generate professional customized reports for any location or date range. Only AirMagnet reports cover all areas of management including RD statistics, device reports, and security and performance reports. Enterprise also provides detailed compliance reports covering a variety of regulatory standards including Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GLBA, DoD 8100.2, ISO 27001, BASEL II and CAD3.

Conclusion: AirMagnet Enterprise provides a simple, scalable wireless LAN monitoring solution that enables any organization to proactively mitigate all types of wireless threats, enforce enterprise policies, prevent performance problems and audit the regulatory compliance of all their WiFi assets and users worldwide.

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