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 Rapid Recovery With Less Hassle: Low-cost, Easy-to-use Downtime Recovery With Acronis True Image and Microsoft Virtual Server



Disaster recovery is a core security technology, but in a virtualization environment, it creates additional challenges, such as restoring a virtual machine from a VMware environment to a Microsoft Virtual Server environment or restoring a host OS from one hardware platform to an entirely different platform. These issues can take days to resolve using conventional approaches; Acronis True Image Echo reduces this to a matter of minutes at best, hours at worst.

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Virtualization technology is naturally suited for recovery from unplanned downtime, and it can be incorporated into an effective backup and restore strategy. This strategy starts with Acronis True Image Echo, which enables you to easily create server image archives across the entire network. Backing up server data, however, is the easy part— there are many products on the market to do just that. Restoring data is difficult. This is where Acronis’ rapid recovery capabilities shine. In the event of unplanned downtime, you can use the Acronis Universal Restore and Microsoft Virtual Server to restore an image to a virtual machine on the same or different hardware without requiring system reconfiguration.Competitive approaches also restore to different hardware, but do require that network and user settings be reconfigured — a daunting job that often introduces errors and causes significant productivity delays.

Acronis True Image Echo enables regular backups of server data and system information. This lets you create an exact server disk image, including the operating system, applications, and configurations. It also allows you to backup mission-critical databases. Using the Acronis Drive Snapshot technology, you can backup without a reboot. With support for Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service, databases can be backed up completely without potential data loss.


The Acronis/Microsoft approach provides protection from unplanned downtime for your virtual and physical servers without a major investment in hardware/software and without the need for specialized skills. The OS, data, settings, and applications on your physical and virtual machines are protected and can be rapidly and reliably recovered.

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