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 The Critical Importance of Three Dimensional Protection (3DP) in an Intrusion Prevention System


Current Threat: Targeted threats are always on the rise as new vulnerabilities continue to propagate exponentially.  A recent study by the research firm IDC showed that that malware instances had more than 200,000 variants in 2006.  The newer threats facing the enterprise focus on a single person or company.  Targeted threats combine malware technology and social engineering, where an individual is lured or tricked through subtle manipulation to click on an infected attachment or link.  Attacks can sound convincing or familiar because the attacker was able to extract personal information and use that to infect the victim’s network. 

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Tomorrow's Technology Today - Intrusion Prevention

Tomorrow's Technology Today: The IPS 5500 offers the strongest levels of network protection, performance and reliability on the market today.  By combining content-based IPS/IDS, stateful firewall and attack mitigation algorithms, the IPS 5500 is the only solution that provides Three Dimensional Protection (3DP) against malicious content, undesired access and rate-based attacks.  Top Layer’s architecture enables the IPS 5500 to protect enterprises and service providers from sophisticated, hybrid attacks in real-time while enabling the highest throughput of legitimate traffic.

Top Layer’s IPS 5500 provides:

  • Protection against malicious content through advanced IPS technology.
  • Protection against undesired access through stateful firewall filtering.
  • Protection against rate-based attacks such as DDoS attacks through DDoS mitigation.
  • Regulatory compliance through protection of confidential data.
  • Cost savings and reliability through VoIP security.

Top Layer’s architecture enables the IPS 5500 to protect enterprises and service providers from sophisticated, hybrid attacks in real-time while enabling the highest throughput of legitimate traffic.

The IPS 5500 solution’s unique capabilities include:

  • High Performance: ensures excellent network performance
  • Lowest Network Latency: there is no interruption to critical applications like VoIP
  • Reliability and High Availability: ProtectionCluster H/A configurations, port bypass and redundant power all ensure reliability
  • Easy to Deploy and Manage: can be deployed and protect network within 30 minutes
  • Stays current on emerging threats: updates keep threat information current

Unlike other intrusion prevention systems that merely offer protection against malicious content, Top Layer’s IPS 5500 is the only IPS on the market today that offers Three Dimensional Protection from malicious content, undesired access and rate-based attacks.  Most competitive solutions can address one aspect of protection, but cannot handle these three major facets of cyber attacks. 

This combination of defenses is required to ensure total protection from recent hybrid attacks.  For example, SQL Slammer caused an exploit of vulnerability as well as a denial of service condition and MyDoom contained elements of a virus, a denial of service attack and a backdoor Trojan.  Because of these sophisticated threats, a comprehensive approach to protection is crucial.

In addition, other solutions have poor performance and latency when used inline in a network environment, which can cause significant network bottlenecks.  Lastly, most of the solutions rely on signatures as the primary defense mechanism resulting in slow response to emerging and unknown or "zero-day" threats.

This white paper was written by the Tolly Group, an independent testing and consultancy firm. It discusses various intrusion prevention systems, deployment modes, sources of attacks, attack coverage capabilities and more.

Conclusion: There are over 1,000 customers worldwide that have successfully utilized Top Layer’s IPS 5500. Each have benefited from the strong protection of their networks and corporate assets, the reduced costs associate with threat management and better overall security.

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