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 How to Reduce Your IT Security Exposure in 3 Steps


Current Threat: Today’s network infrastructures are complex, comprised of an array of heterogeneous devices.  Because business needs, network configurations, and security threats are changing constantly, it’s hard to know what an enterprise network’s overall security posture really is at any given point in time.  As a result, it has typically been difficult to effectively assess and mitigate the security risk of an organization. 

The RedSeal Security Risk Manager (SRM) offers a way to quickly and effectively visualize and quantify business risk, pinpointing areas of exposure and giving actionable insights into how to best focus resources toward mitigation.

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The RedSeal Security Risk Manager eliminates IT security risk exposures by modeling the entire infrastructure, measuring its relevant risks, and mitigating its exposure.

  • Models: RedSeal SRM automatically audits your infrastructure including servers, firewalls, routers and other filtering devices, to compile a precise map of these resources and their relationships
  • Measures: RedSeal SRM pinpoints which assets are exposed then assigns a threat value for meaningful measurement of the systems and subnets at risk
  • Mitigates: RedSeal SRM prioritizes those systems that you need to find-and-fix before an exploit so you can mitigate your risk profiles and focus on the most important fixes first

To deploy the RedSeal SRM solutions, firewall and router configuration files can be automatically or manually imported to the offline SRM appliance which allows for non-intrusive screening of your network operations.  While importing the files, RedSeal SRM runs over 100 network configuration checks against each firewall and router configuration file, checking whether best practices are being applied, identifying redundant rules, and spotting default passwords still being employed. Based on the configuration data gathered, the application then draws a real time network topography map that can be saved in various layouts or exported to Microsoft® Visio®.  

RedSeal SRM utilizes an intelligent methodology to make inferences about the applications and services that run on an organization’s network, quickly assigning business values to these applications at either generic or environment-specific levels.  RedSeal SRM also leverages the RedSeal Threat Resource Library, the world’s largest threat reference library currently tracking more than 24,000 entries.  The application matches new known threats from the library with network devices to predict exposure levels in between vulnerability scans- enabling a more accurate view of the security risk posture.

RedSeal SRM’s final step to reducing IT security exposure is helping system administrators understand and mitigate network exposures.  The application creates graphical representations of how threats can affect a network and where the organization should begin to remediate by patching or blocking.  RedSeal SRM automatically correlates hundreds of pages of vulnerability and network scan data to get a complete picture of the threat posture of the entire network, eliminating what would be a manual and time consuming task for IT. 

Along with the time saved reducing manual work, RedSeal SRM simplifies the process of analyzing data by identifying the systems which are most important to the user, using color and size to vividly and immediately represent value, risk levels, vulnerability counts, and other criteria.  RedSeal provides a RiskMap interface that allows huge amounts of network and security data to be correlated and then displayed so users can quickly find the answers they need.  Pre-built queries are also available to identify corporate assets that are in the greatest risk. 

Valuable management and technical reports can be generated instantly to show risk information by device, group of devices, by security issue and many other pinpoint areas.  Users can also measure and generate reports on a specific area of the network with a particular regulation such as PCI compliance.

Conclusion: RedSeal SRM users increase the security of their network and efficiency of the IT team while cutting down on the time and resources spent on remediation procedures.  RedSeal SRM produces on demand, real-time data of the network’s security posture, helping users proactively reduce IT security risk and exposure.

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