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 Achieving Universal Secure Identity Verification with Convenience and Personal Privacy


Current Threat: Privaris developed the plusID™ universal biometric device in response to 21st century threats, including identity theft and terrorist attacks, to provide the requisite heightened security without sacrificing personal privacy.

plusID is a personal authentication token that provides positive identity verification for both physical and logical (IT) access.  plusID is a practical identity management solution for government and commercial enterprises, offering a simple approach to the common goal of convergence.

Before today, the concept of a user-controlled, multi-function biometric token did not exist.  The plusID trusted credential puts a biometric reader in every hand for faster, convenient and more reliable authentication. 

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Tomorrow's Technology Today - Unified Biometrics

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The plusID personal biometric token uses a unique physical attribute – a fingerprint – to verify the identity of individuals seeking access to facilities and proprietary data.  plusID delivers card IDs, passwords and other access-related credentials wirelessly or via USB, but only after a successful biometric authentication.

plusID is unique in that its built-in fingerprint reader and secure on-board storage and matching of the fingerprint template maintain users’ personal privacy by never requiring users to relinquish their biometrics; while the device’s  numerous interfaces make it “out of the box” compatible with most installed physical and IT security infrastructures.  As such, a single plusID device can replace multiple access cards, fobs and passwords, offering unprecedented convenience to both the users of the device and the issuing organization. 

The device’s multiple interfaces make it exceedingly simple for organizations to deploy across large populations and benefit from the efficiencies of a converged physical and logical solution.  plusID can literally be overlaid onto existing systems - no ripping and replacing of existing security infrastructure, no new middleware, wiring or coding required.

The plusID technology overcomes limitations of other single factor and multi-factor authentication systems by performing all biometric processing directly on the device.  Using the built-in fingerprint reader, plus ID performs all matching for verification everywhere it’s required.  This personal approach to biometrics puts a reader in every hand instead of at every doorway or PC, significantly reducing the traffic backlog and maintenance issues associated with shared biometric readers.

Additionally, because the user’s fingerprint template never leaves the device, there is no need for an external database of biometric information.  This eliminates a potential target for hackers and the threat of identity theft for users. 

Strategic Technology Partnerships

At the heart of the plusID device is its embedded secure processor (the BCM5890).  The BCM5890 chip was the result of collaboration between Privaris and Broadcom Corporation, and runs both secure and non-secure applications.  Unlike most open processors that are vulnerable to attack, the BCM5890’s special secure mode protects the software and the security keys that run on it from tampering or theft.  It is the secure processor that enables the plusID to perform trusted cryptographic operations including challenge responses and full PKI.  Privaris’ self-contained approach to biometric authentication, coupled with the strong encryption capability of its secure processor, provide an unparalleled level of security for users’ biometric information and access credentials.

A key partnership and licensing agreement with HID allows the plusID device to interface with existing HID®, Indala®, and CASI Prox readers, as well as iCLASS readers, in place of physical access cards and fobs. 

plusID employs the AuthenTec 2510 TruePrint fingerprint swipe sensor as well as AuthenTec’s fingerprint matching algorithm.

Compatibility and Flexibility

plusID is compatible with more than 85 percent of the existing installed base of proximity readers in the U.S. , enabling users to move to biometric technologies without the need for installing new equipment or replacing existing systems.  By working with existing systems, plusID extends the life of original security investments, enables rapid enterprise integration, and offers the ability for an incremental, phased biometric deployment  for select employees or facilities.

plusID uses multiple wireless interfaces and USB to communicate with proximity and smart card readers, PCs, networks websites and software applications.  Different models of the device offer combinations of proximity cards, contactless smart cards, Bluetooth, vehicle gate access and one-time password capability.

The device can store up to four different proximity card IDs, or formats, for readers from different manufacturers, eliminating the need for multiple proximity cards for different facilities.


plusID is compatible with the following industry standards:

·          125 kHz RF

·          ISO 14443A & B, 15693 and NFC (13.56 MHz RF)

·          ISO 7816

·          CCID (Chip Card Integrated Device)

·          IEEE 802.15.4

·          Bluetooth™

·          USB 2.0


The Privaris plusID biometric security device is a practical and cost efficient solution for organizations looking to comply with the security mandates imposed by regulations. In the past decade, the federal government passed a number of security compliance standards – each with their own requirements to raise security awareness levels across industries. In turn, organizations face an increasing challenge to adequately protect accounts, personal data and other sensitive information while ensuring an acceptable audit trail.   plusID’s biometric technology represents a heightened method for meeting these challenges as it physically verifies an individual's identity. By contrast, traditional security systems are ill-equipped to detect an unauthorized user if passwords are discovered or access cards are shared or stolen.

plusID provides positive, non-repudiable identity verification of employees, whether entering a building or room, logging onto a computer, or completing a transaction online. The resulting verifiable metrics are a key element in satisfying audit requirements for state and federal regulations.


For the price, size and level of security and functionality, no other device meets the standards set by this technology.  plusID opens a new era of security and convenience previously unattainable due to technical limitations and cost barriers and gives biometric security the opportunity to finally become a widespread reality.

Conclusion: plusID is a powerful, convenient solution serving the converged security needs (both physical and IT) of businesses, governments and ultimately consumers..  Delivered through rapid implementation and simple, affordable means, plusID makes heightened biometric security convenient enough to be included as part of everyday life while protecting the user’s personal privacy.

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