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Current Threat: Even with all the controls in today’s modern enterprise, electronic action (message, web and file activity), which are accessible to virtually everyone in the organization, remain control-free. It remains the “big missing” where anyone can send, transact and save anything. The free pass nature of such electronic action can result in fines, terminations, court proceedings and destroyed reputations – all of which puts an organization at substantial risk.  Orchestria helps organizations eliminate the risks in uncontrolled electronic actions by helping to secure confidential data, ensure message compliance, institute proper legal hold, and ensure robust records management.

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Tomorrow's Technology Today - Compliance

Tomorrow's Technology Today: Orchestria provides the essential control layer that intelligently analyzes and actively controls both internal and external message, web and file activity. Our Intelligent Electronic Control (IEC) applies adaptive policies to ensure that every electronic action is secure against data leakage, compliant with all regulatory and corporate policies, adequately prepares an organization for legal hold and comprehensively addresses records management requirements.

These four critical controls comprise Orchestria's IEC solution set.  Deployed individually or in combination, these solutions rest on the solid foundation of Orchestria's robust and proven architecture.  Orchestria Data Loss Prevention prevents Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Intellectual Property (IP) from inappropriately moving within or outside the enterprise by proactively addressing such risk by identifying inappropriately stored information.  Orchestria Intelligent Compliance identifies and routes non-compliant messages for review and prevents/corrects non-compliant messages prior to being sent.  Orchestria Legal Hold manages the legal hold notification process while maintaining a segregated repository, automatically collecting potentially relevant information, preventing inappropriate case discussion, and utilizing policy based culling.  Orchestria Records Management identifies, tags, routes and supports the retrieval of prospective and post electronic records.

Unlike other vendors, who take a monolithic approach, Orchestria's distributed architecture intelligently applies policy both before and after an electronic action is taken. This flexible approach allows customers to deploy the right combination of Policy Agents to meet their electronic action needs, rather than being forced in any particular direction.  

Orchestria offers flexible control options that allow you to deploy complete Intelligent Electronic Control wherever you need it-in as many places as you need it.  Orchestria deploys at three key control points: on the end point, on the server and on the gateway.  Most deployments use a combination of these methods for complete coverage.  With all of our control point options, updates and changes in policy are automatic, reducing your operational burden. With Orchestria, all electronic actions will adhere to corporate standards across your enterprise, regardless of the channel, device, location in the network, or type of policy violation that may be committed.

Orchestria provides a rich set of analysis methods to intelligently analyze every message, web and file activity.  In addition to subject and body text, Orchestria performs a full textual analysis of more than 250 file and attachment types. Analysis methods include content (keyword and phrases, semi-structured, statistical analysis), context (context based analysis, conceptual understanding, learn by example, transactional) and person (who).  Orchestria provides this extraordinary range of analysis capabilities without compromising performance. For example, rather than carrying out multiple searches of a single document, Orchestria builds an in-memory dictionary of each document it is analyzing. The performance benefits of searching against a dictionary allows many thousands of terms to be searched for in milliseconds.  Even large and complex e-mails, attachments or files, such as nested zip files, can be expanded, have their text extracted, and be searched by thousands of parameters in milliseconds. As a result, Orchestria meets the needs of even the largest organizations.

Effectively enabling intelligent control of electronic activity requires Orchestria's distributed multi-agent architecture which provides: the right control agent in the right place, unparalleled scalability, fault tolerance and security and a single point of administration and integration.  Our approach results in substantial return on investment (ROI) while ensuring that every electronic action provides Intelligent Electronic Control.

Conclusion: Orchestria provides single intelligent control layer which minimizes TCO, allows for implementation on a risk based approach and provides the key ingredients needed to effectively implement best practices in messaging, compliance, data loss prevention, legal hold and records management.  The result: Intelligent Electronic Control.

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