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 Kazeon Support for the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) Standard


Current Threat: Kazeon technology and products make the complex challenges surrounding Enterprise Information Access simple. The net result is that Kazeon helps companies to reduce costs and risks and provides better visibility and control over the explosive growth of information within a company. Kazeon ensures that sensitive, business-critical, or confidential information residing on your corporate network is identified and managed, resulting in reduced liability and legal exposure, while delivering an immediate positive impact on business credibility.

The attached Kazeon whitepaper elaborates on Kazeon’s support of the Healthcare industry DICOM standard, and the Kazeon’s ability to keep patient information confidential via its IS1200-ECS product.

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Tomorrow's Technology Today - Security Solution for Healthcare

Tomorrow's Technology Today: Historically, information security solutions have focused on preventing external threats such as viruses, hackers and worms through perimeter solutions that include firewalls and antivirus software. While still aware of outside threats, companies are now coming to understand they can no longer ignore information risks and violations inside their networks concerning data at rest. In most organizations, unstructured information represents nearly 80% of all online data and it is not uncommon for large amounts of confidential information to find its way to servers and file shares that are not secure.

Employee information (e.g. social security numbers, home addresses, medical histories), customer information (e.g. credit card numbers, account numbers) and operational information (e.g. product launch plans, source code, financial projections) can sit exposed on unsecured systems for long periods of time without anyone formally classifying and tracking it.

Laws, including SOX, GLBA, HIPAA and the Personal Data Privacy and Security Act of 2007, as well as industry standards such as the PCI Data Security Standard, have turned the protection of private data into a legal necessity. In many cases, confidential data breaches translate into very real and very large fines or judgements. As a series of high-profile incidents have demonstrated, loss of brand reputation, customer retention and competitive advantage are not uncommon when confidential information escapes. Corporate data continues to grow at 50% a year, most of it unstructured, and with employees able to easily export sensitive files in standard formats or copy spreadsheets to file shares and portable media, many businesses simply do not have the appropriate policies in place to identify and avoid inadvertent, accidental missteps or malicious actions from within. As organizations continue to stockpile confidential information, IT departments are under enormous pressure to mitigate risk and secure sensitive information before a high profile incident occurs.

Specific to the Healthcare industry, a fast emerging requirement is the ability to access information stored in manyrepositories and devices distributed across a geographically dispersed hospital network. This includes the Healthcare Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard, which is a standard for handling, storing, printing, and transmitting information in medical imaging.  To help Healthcare organizations meet these challenges, Kazeon has developed the IS1200-ECS  to ensure that information residing on desktops, networked storage systems, and devices (scanners, film digitizers, etc) can be identified, searched, and managed to improve productivity and minimize exposure.  Integrated support for the DICOM standard enables Healthcare providers to discover, search and manage files based one or many DICOM file attributes.

Overall, The IS1200-ECS integrates into the existing Healthcare provider network(s) and interfaces with existing networked storage and file servers to discover, classify and act on files in hundreds of file formats, including all files that comply with the DICOM standard. The Kazeon IS1200-ECS ensures that sensitive, business critical, and confidential information residing on desktops, laptops and healthcare networks is identified and managed resulting in reduced risk and increased regulatory compliance. Kazeon helps Healthcare providers by providing a complete solution for Healthcare IT environments.

Conclusion: Kazeon’s IS1200-ECS provides a unique set of benefits to customers that deploy the solution to secure patient information. The IS1200–ECS is a rapidly deployable 1U appliance that is non-disruptive to users, applications and IT infrastructure and conforms to existing security policies. It discovers sensitive information regardless of its physical or logical location. Kazeon indexes hundreds of file and document types and provides a sample set of rules that will extract common confidential information such as phone numbers, social security numbers and credit card numbers. Kazeon includes dozens of pre-built reports and the capability to create custom reports specific to any customer’s needs. A unique feature of the Kazeon IS1200-ECS is that it can also be used to create pre-set policies that automatically take action at regularly scheduled intervals based upon report results. For example, sensitive files can be copied to WORM storage such as NetApp NearStore with SnapLock or EMC Centera.

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