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 SSO: The Next Big Thing for IT


Current Threat: Passwords have become major issue for many organizations.  Once a relatively simple, effective and affordable way to ensure that only authorized users could gain access to business applications and data, passwords have become a source of frustration, friction and increasing cost for many enterprises.

Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-On (SSO) quickly and effectively solves password management, security and user access issues.  It delivers an immediate, significant ROI while strengthening security and improving user productivity.

This white paper takes a closer look at SSO, the problems it solves and how it will fundamentally change the way corporations address their security needs.

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Tomorrow's Technology Today - Single Sign-on

Tomorrow's Technology Today: Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-On (SSO) automates password policy implementation - creating unique, strong passwords behind the scenes to help support compliance needs.  It performs password changes automatically on behalf of the users, ensuring stricter security and eliminates security breaches associated with passwords written on sticky notes or hidden under keyboards. OneSign SSO also decreases costly help desk calls associated with user password resets.

Some of the benefits and key features of OneSign SSO include:

  • Single Sign-on
  • Secure Network Authentication
  • Biometric Authentication
  • OTP Authentication and Lifecycle management
  • Smart card, National smart card, Healthcare smart card, building access card, active proximity card authentication management
  • Patent-pending Application Profile Generator (APG) “learns” application authentication behavior to more easily single sign-on enable any application 
  • Centralized Monitoring and Reporting
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Automates Password Changes
Self-Service Password Reset
  • Provisioning Interface based on SPML
  • OneSign Intelligent Agent is a lightweight Windows desktop program that manages users’ secure single sign-on sessions
  • Citrix Anonymous Login Support
  • Computer-Level Policy
  • Integration with Context Management
  • PositiveID at the transaction level within applications
  • Location-based secure authentication

With built-in support for various authentication methods such as passwords, ID tokens, active or passive proximity cards, smart cards and finger biometrics, OneSign offers a smart and effective way to increase security while leveraging the benefits and convenience of SSO.

Built-in monitoring provides an accounting of which users accessed which applications and when, including all password change activity.  Detailed access logs and reports give organizations the ability to refine and strengthen security policies and enforce regulatory compliance across all applications.

The OneSign Agent allows organizations to monitor, capture and log password-related user access events in a centralized database.  Now administrators are able to easily monitor access records for every user, application or workstation in one, central location—even revealing users that may be sharing credentials to confidential applications.

With OneSign SSO, administrators can implement a clear, straightforward password policy across all SSO-enabled applications based on users’ primary authentication.  For additional security measures, OneSign is able to cycle complex application passwords behind the scenes on the users’ behalf.  This allows organizations that require certain application passwords to be changed periodically to handle the changes automatically.  With this module, users can easily reset or be notified of their own network and application passwords without help desk intervention. Administrators can set identity verification thresholds for users, or groups of users, who are simply prompted to answer a set of random or administrator-created questions.  Once authenticated, OneSign Single Sign-On delivers the service.  This service can be accessed either by users on the network or via the web.

OneSign is shipped as a hardware appliance pair - there is nothing else to buy, install or maintain.  OneSign’s patent-pending drag-and-drop (APG) technology uniquely allows for easy single sign-on implementation and quick ROI because there is no scripting, custom coding or changes to applications or directories required for deployment. 

OneSign SSO requires minimal consulting and service costs as well as low user training/support costs with no disruption to user workflow. Unlike competitive alternatives for network authentication, enterprise single sign-on and physical security convergence—which all require myriad purchases and installation of disparate and complex technologies that lack common management UI, workflow or reporting, the power of Imprivata OneSign is that it’s one powerful identity and access management platform packaged in one appliance.

Conclusion: With Imprivata OneSign SSO, end-users are able to use a single password or authentication for all applications, reduce the number of password-related help desk calls, comply with federal and industry regulations and increase overall security.

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