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Current Threat: Each day, the public hears horror stories about data breaches, unauthorized entries and the theft of intellectual property. This is why it is crucial to understand the importance of identity management and how its components are key to ensuring organizations have control over their enterprise; including physical assets, and customer and company data. 

Imprivata OneSign provides a converged identity and access management solution to solve the complex problems of user network authentication and application access management, resulting in strengthened corporate security, lower help desk support costs and the ability to help demonstrate regulatory compliance, while maximizing user convenience and productivity.

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Tomorrow's Technology Today - Identity Management

Tomorrow's Technology Today: Imprivata OneSign is an easy, smart and affordable appliance that provides user authentication and access management to IT networks, applications and IT/Building security.  OneSign helps organizations improve security access management and compliance, while maximizing user convenience and productivity.  With OneSign, users are no longer worried about remembering passwords, thus spending less time logging in and out of network applications and spending more time doing work, resulting in improved user satisfaction and productivity.

OneSign is flexible, offering distinct license modules to address specific enterprise needs.  Each solution (described in more detail below) within the OneSign appliance provides organizations with stronger overall security.

  • OneSign Authentication Management (AM) mixes and matches various authentication modalities to provide greater security through flexible user authentication management, whether accessed through the network locally, via remote VPN, or while working offline.
  • OneSign Single Sign-On (SSO) quickly and effectively solves password management, security and user access issues.  OneSign SSO enables all enterprise applications – legacy, client/server, JAVA, web - without requiring custom scripting, changes to existing directories, or inconvenient end-user workflow changes.
  • OneSign Physical/Logical integrates network and building access systems to provide a single consolidated user identity.  Organizations can now implement one comprehensive, converged policy for allowing or denying network access based on a user’s physical location, role, and/or employee status.  Physical/Logical enables the enforcement of anti-passback/tailgating building access policies by preventing employees from logging onto the IT network if they have not swiped their badges— ensuring a more complete security process is followed by all employees.

OneSign is shipped as a hardware appliance pair - there is nothing else to buy, install or maintain.  OneSign’s patent-pending drag-and-drop Application Profile Generator (APG) technology uniquely allows for easy single sign-on implementation and quick ROI because there is no scripting, custom coding or application integration required for deployment. 

Some of Imprivata OneSign’s most innovative features include:

  • Seamlessly integrates support for multiple user directories, a variety of strong authentication devices, and all major physical access security systems, all from within a single, web-based management UI;
  • Appliance-based packaging for easy installation, deployment, management;
  • Maps identities between physical security and network directories, offering truly converged building/IT security;
  • Drag and drop SSO enablement of all applications; and
  • Intuitive web-based administrative UI, built-in monitoring/reporting, no change to existing infrastructure.

Unlike competitive alternatives for network authentication, enterprise single sign-on and physical security convergence—which all require myriad purchases and installation of disparate and complex technologies that lack common management UI, workflow or reporting -  the power of Imprivata OneSign is that all of these capabilities are a part of it’s appliance-based platform solution. 

OneSign is the only product available today that provides strong authentication from the workplace door to the user’s desktop.  OneSign’s card agnostic, identity-based approach to physical convergence provides a cost effective and easy approach to integrating building and IT security.  Unlike smart card-based physical convergence alternatives that require complex, expensive and management-intensive reissue of cards, door readers, PC readers, PKI infrastructure, credential management systems, etc., OneSign allows implementation of one comprehensive, converged policy for allowing or denying network access based on a user’s physical location, role and/or employee status. 

Conclusion: There are over 300 customers that have successfully implemented Imprivata OneSign.  Each have benefited from the reduced costs associated with password management, while achieving increased user productivity and better overall security.

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