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 Information Leak Detection & Prevention


Current Threat: There is strong growth in the frequency and severity of the data leakage incidents.   Customer’s identities, business plans, proprietary technologies – the most valuable assets of every company are under the threat from trusted insiders.  Additionally, there are multiple laws and regulations, requiring businesses to safeguard the data.  All of these create the demand for Information Leak Detection and Prevention.

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Tomorrow's Technology Today - Content Security Solution

Tomorrow's Technology Today: The previous attempts to address the problem of the data leak were inadequate.  Their shortcomings can be summarized as follows:

  1. Passive monitoring of the traffic, allowing only reporting on the data breaches, not preventing them
  2. Ineffective detection algorithms with high amount of missed data and false positives
  3. Monitoring only selected channels, such as email, HTTP, FTP
  4. Copying highly secure data to the data leak prevention device
  5. Sensitivity to the data manipulation
  6. Solutions, depending on the 3rd part devices (proxy servers, mta etc.), or even software based solutions
  7. Disparate data in motion and data at rest products

In 2004, GTB Technologies came up with a vision for a comprehensive Information Leak Detection & Prevention product – the vision that is implemented in its products now.  The following are the essential requirements:

  • ILD&P solution must be implemented in iron – not just software
  • It must be secure.  Copying of the protected data to the ILD&P device should never happen
  • It should cover all TCP protocols
  • It should use precise methodology with nearly zero false positives and resilience to data manipulation
  • It should cover all data sources and formats
  • It should include data at rest, integrated with data in motion solution
  • For large enterprises, the ILD&P solution should include clustering capabilities: load balancing, fail over, automatic data replication

Conclusion: GTB Inspector is the only product, allowing companies, public sector and universities to protect  confidential information of their own and their customers. 

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