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Current Threat: EVault InfoStage software was designed for small to mid-sized companies looking to protect data across a network spanning multiple locations.  More than 8,500 customers use solutions powered by EVault InfoStage software, including more than 30 Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

EVault InfoStage provides complete data protection by centralizing the backup/recovery management of a company’s entire network.  Administration is easy and streamlined with the web-based central management console, providing a single point of management for the data center and remote offices.  Restores of multiple files, directories or entire disk volumes can easily be accomplished across different platforms from this console.

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Tomorrow's Technology Today - Storage

Tomorrow's Technology Today: Internally and externally, businesses face a multitude of challenges with data including:

  • Technology dependence leading to explosive data and application growth
  • Limited resources with the requirement to support more devices, projects and people in distributed environments, including a highly mobile workforce
  • Employee expectations including longer production days and an on-demand culture where application and information is expected 24x7
  • Changing business plans due to mergers, acquisitions and expansion leading to requirements for integration and standardization 
  • Litigious customer culture requiring solutions that safeguard personal information and prevent identity theft
  • Government regulations dictating requirements for confidentiality, accessibility and retention of data
  • Preparation for the unexpected to minimize downtime and solidify disaster recovery plans

EVault InfoStage provides a complete data protection solution that helps to solve these challenges by centralizing and streamlining protection of a company’s entire network.  EVault InfoStage eliminates the hassle and unreliability of tape backups via disk-to-disk technology. 

EVault InfoStage is cost-effective, and enables companies to use one solution to support a heterogeneous environment running Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, System I, VMware, Novell and HP-UX.  Application plug-ins extend the backup capabilities to support online backups of Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Cluster Services, and Oracle databases ensuring a 24x7 uptime.  Administration is easy and streamlined with the web-based central management console, providing a single point of management for the data center and remote offices. Agent and job propagation features along with role-based user access facilitate management and deployment of the application in larger, more complex environments.  Flexible retention policies and support for tiered storage allow companies to establish their own unique data storage policy and meet regulatory mandates for data retention.  Older files can be archived offline to lower cost storage, streamlining the recovery of more relevant data.

Data backup starts with the transfer of the initial data set to a secure vault located within a company’s network. Regular subsequent backups employ EVault patented and patent-pending technologies to maximize the efficiency of the backup process from beginning to end.  Quick File Scan technology identifies files that have been changed using hash values and position indicators.  EVault DeltaPro® technology only backs up new and changed data blocks within files. SQL padding ensures that only changed data within the database is backed up, including an indicator for data shifting if required.  EVault plug-ins integrate with applications at an API level, taking care of the complex “nitty-gritty” issues of backing up these types of applications.  Working in concert, these technologies shrink backup windows, while DeltPro also drastically reduces storage costs. Finally, in transit, EVault Adaptive Compression reviews the data being sent and the usage of network bandwidth, and changes compression on the fly to ensure customers have the greatest use of available resources for mission critical applications during backup windows. 

EVault maintains the highest level of end-to-end security available by employing up to 256 bit AES encryption and providing 128-bit AES over-the-wire encryption, meeting regulatory compliance for consumer privacy and eliminating the risk of security breaches.   

With EVault Encryption customers can select to encrypt backups during a job setup, using the following encryption algorithms:

  • 56-bit DES
  • 112-bit Triple DES
  • 56 bit Blowfish
  • 128-bit Blowfish
  • FIPS Certified 128-bit AES
  • And the highest level of encryption available: FIPS certified 256 AES encryption

Once a backup has been encrypted, it remains encrypted on the Vault. Data can only be restored if the password is provided.  When the correct password is typed into the application, the encryption key is automatically regenerated to restore and decrypt the data.

Customers can also choose to encrypt the data in transit using 128-bit AES encryption during setup of a backup job.  

 Key features that differentiate this product or service from its competition include:

  • Same technology that drives large-scale service offerings – More than 8,500 EVault customers using the same solution, including over 30 Managed Service Providers (MSPs) which depend on the technology to drive their business
  • No legacy tape technology – Built as a true disk-to-disk solution, EVault InfoStage eliminates error prone, complex and manual tape-based processes.  It is not retrofitted to support disk, unlike other legacy tape-based products that really only support Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL) instead of random write accessed disk-based storage.
  • End-to-end security – Supports encryption of data in transit and at rest, unlike other products that force customers to tradeoff security on disk for granular recovery of mission critical databases
  • Scalable – Customers can effectively manage growth with the fastest and most efficient backup technology, unlike other disk-based solutions which do not scale as well
  • Tiered storage –  Speeds up backups and lowers storage costs by enabling customers to move old or obsolete data to lower cost storage.  Archiving solution maximizes production server performance.  Other products require third party products for tiered storage, increasing integration hassles and the overall cost of ownership
  • Supports server and desktops/laptops – Enables customers to use one solution for all systems, saving costs and reducing complexity.  Other vendors require two different solutions to do this.

Conclusion: EVault InfoStage ensures that companies meet these external and internal challenges such as government regulations, protecting customer privacy, creating a viable disaster recovery strategy, meeting employee expectations of a 24x 7 on demand workplace, and keeping up with explosive data and application growth under resource constraints.

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