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 Livescan Fingerprint Collection with Silicone Membranes


Current Scenario: Since the tragic events of 9/11, the U.S. government has implemented new legislation, regulations, and programs to secure the nation’s borders from terrorist threats. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is tasked with implementing a comprehensive plan to secure the nation’s borders, and deploying new technology is critical to building next-generation border management systems.

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Tomorrow's Technology Today - Identity Management

Tomorrow's Technology Today: To address US-VISIT security enhancements, Cross Match developed a next-generation ten-print enrollment system, specifically designed to handle the heavy volume and other operational characteristics at U.S. POEs. The Cross Match L SCAN® Guardian™ was the first livescan system to meet the government’s state-of-the-art biometric standards, as defined in the “Ten-Print Capture Scanner and Software Requirements” prepared by the Homeland Security Ten-Print Capture User Group in September 2005. The User Group, consisting of representatives from the DHS, FBI, Department of State, National Institute of Justice, Department of Defense’s Biometrics Fusion Center and National Institute of Standards and Technology, issued a Challenge to Industry. Calling for smaller, faster mobile biometric identity solutions, the User Group tasked vendors to create systems to capture all ten fingerprints, as contrasted to traditional two-fingerprint capture devices.

In March 2006, the Cross Match Guardian was awarded the FBI’s IAFIS Appendix F certification for Electronic Fingerprint Transmission Specification. Cross Match received an initial order for Guardian units from the Department of Defense immediately following the certification, and commenced Guardian production in April 2006—a full six months ahead of the target deadline
specified by the User Group.

Today, Cross Match provides livescan fingerprint devices for a variety of programs, including US-VISIT, for enrollment and verification. More than 5,000 units are installed at border locations and U.S. consular offices abroad, and US-VISIT will commence with full Guardian deployment in late 2007. As such, Cross Match is an integral part of the effort to create a “border of the future” and will be involved in operational testing at several airports this year.

Key Guardian features include:

• Auto capture capability. For increased accuracy, Guardian utilizes Cross Match patent-pending, auto capture technology to automatically evaluate the quality of each fingerprint image. The technology displays images on a computer screen and formats the captured biometric data—all in less than 15 seconds, which exceeds demanding User Group specifications. There’s no need for user intervention, so the operator is freed from watching and evaluating each fingerprint, and able to eliminate the need for specialized training to ensure a usable fingerprint.

• FAST SDK package. This software development kit makes it simple to extend the fingerprint capture capabilities of Cross Match livescan systems. FAST SDK enables Guardian, and other Cross Match ten-fingerprint systems, to electronically produce a full set of slap fingerprints, including thumbs, in less than 15 seconds. With the ability to capture nail-to-nail rolled prints and support for “rock-and-roll” capture techniques, the software is a valuable addition to any high volume implementation.

• Workflow management. Guardian’s workflow management features allow the implementation of a structured process to capture fingerprints. New software applications require customized graphical user interfaces, and Guardian software enables the creation of GUI screens and controls through the concept of skinning. Skins created using the Guardian software tools can make the fingerprint capture process conform to the desired look and feel of an application for seamless operation.

• Perfect Roll™ technology. Cross Match’s Perfect Roll technology allows for rolled fingerprint acquisition from either direction (right-to-left or left-to-right) and at any speed. Guardian scans and segments an individual’s ten-print images directly into a digital format, which is much quicker, more accurate and effective than traditional ink and paper methods.

A sophisticated system, Guardian can be provided with infield auto-test functionality and standards-based software, which integrates with multiple databases — allowing images to be transmitted to either a central location or AFIS for processing.

• A small footprint. Measuring 6 inches wide, 6 inches deep and 4.7 inches high, Guardian weighs just 4 pounds and exceeds government mandated physical and performance requirements. With its small footprint, Guardian excels in tight locations, fitting on most counter tops. A single cable connects Guardian to a power source with no need for a bulky power cord or wall transformer.

• A single camera. Guardian utilizes a single camera configuration, which allows fingerprint capture even when fingers are presented at up to a 45 degree rotation from vertical. By using one camera, the blind spots that occur in two-camera systems are eliminated.

• In-field calibration. Guardian’s single-camera optical system supports easy in-field calibration. Monitoring several critical elements, the system requires only one calibration function, eliminating the need to balance the multiple independent optical systems found in two-camera configurations.

Conclusion: In addition to meeting requirements for livescan systems at our borders, Guardian addresses biometric enrollment and verification needs of state, local and private agencies that require high-quality biometrics to conduct background and identity checks. Fingerprints are the most trusted and commonly used biometric and Guardian delivers speed, accuracy and mobility for applications from civil background checks to large-scale access control solutions.

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