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 A Better Approach to Backup and Bare Metal Restore: Disk Imaging Technology


Current Threat: Enterprises understand the importance of business continuity because downtime is costly. Estimated costs for the average enterprise are more than $1 million per hour, according to a widely respected report, thus the ROI for backup protection can be counted in minutes and seconds, not in years. While energy and telecommunications providers have the most to lose from downtime — with potential hourly losses climbing into the multimillion  dollar range — just about every type of company, from small to large, feels the impact of data loss.

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Tomorrow's Technology Today - Disaster Recovery

Tomorrow's Technology Today: Acronis True Image Enterprise Server and the Acronis True Image Server enable enterprises to get up and running more quickly than traditional file- based restore methods after a systems failure, saving time and ultimately saving money. The solutions do this by approaching backup and restoration in a different way from file- based methods, by creating a disk image.

Acronis uses disk imaging to backup server disks. The product views the hard drive as a group of sectors. Instead of copying individual files, the software backs up all the sectors on the hard drive that contain data, creating an exact image of the hard drive. Because the product creates a backup at the disk sector level, it can backup everything on the drive, including user accessible data as well as open Windows files, system files, the master boot record (MBR), partition tables and any partition -based boot records. Traditional file- based backup methods generally do not see these files.

Disk imaging is the fastest way to restore a down system because it eliminates reinstallation. An IT manager can get the system back in a known, running state in minutes, not hours or days. Today there is simply no excuse for not having an exact image of your server's hard disks, configured exactly as you like it with all of your programs and data, configuration files and software patches, standing by in case of a disaster.

Backup using a traditional file- based method takes 5 times longer than using Acronis True Image and restoring a system takes almost 6 times longer. Ultimately, file-based backup and restore methods cost your business more money because they lead to longer downtime.

Conclusion: Enterprises need to get up and running quickly because downtime is costly. With disk imaging technology in Acronis True Image Enterprise Server and Acronis True Image Server, IT staffs utilize the intuitive interface, streamlined management capabilities, and whole system backup and restoration features to save valuable time and money.

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